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Multifunctional Inspection System
for Fruits & Vegetables Grading

Who "Ellips" is


Since the company was founded in 1989, Ellips has focused on the development of optical grading & sorting technology for the fruit and vegetable market. This ongoing dedication to the development and enhancement of Ellips’s sorting technology has resulted in industry leading solutions and thousands of customers who benefit from Ellips’s commitment to continual improvement. Ellips TrueSort™ grading software runs on any sorting machine, of any brand.


The accuracy and flexibility of Ellips grading technology, enables Ellips to deliver unmatched value to customers. Fruits and vegetables end up in the right place and less food is wasted. The entire grading process is more efficient and customers get consistent quality. Data is captured though the entire process. This can be used to optimize operational performance.

Ellips Technology

Ellips solutions incorporates the best hardware technology available. Therefore, Ellips works closely with the camera, lighting and computer providers. For software development and optimization, R&D staff performs ongoing research and development to ensure that Ellips grading technology will deliver the best possible results.


Ellips has developed the software TrueSort™ which runs on sorting machines of any brand. Allowing you to grade fruits and vegetables more accurately than ever before. With TrueSort™, you can grade crops based on weight, size, colour, internal and external quality.

Internal Quality

Ellips has developed a projector to accurately assess the internal quality of a product. For this, Ellips is one of few suppliers using the full transmittance technology, as a result of which the entire fruit can be illuminated and not merely a part of the fruit. In this way deviations like rot, brix, dry matter, acidity and ripeness can be determined accurately!

External Quality

How many rotten spots does a pear have? What percentage of the apple is rotten – and what is the most rotten spot?

For some properties of the fruit, the color module alone is not enough. Shape and context are also important to determine and distinguish specific properties, such as navel, stem, calyx, mould, scratches, and other defects. For these properties the intelligent quality module is the solution. In combination with infrared cameras, even defects and bruises just under the skin can be detected.


The colour of the fruit is highly representative of the quality and ripeness of the fruit. The colour module enables you to specify the colour on which you would like to grade the fruit, using live feedback from high-resolution cameras. In this way, you can accurately specify the properties of the fruit, such as blush. For specific products, like asparagus, this module is essential.


The dimensions of each product are calculated using multiple images of the product. Ellips software detects the stem and the center of gravity: in this way, Ellips knows which diameter must be measured. Specialized algorithms determine the orientation of the product. Diameter, length, curvature, surface – but also shape can be determined.

Ellips software can measure up to 10 apples or even 30 cherries per second!


The weight of fruit and vegetables can be determined on a cup system and a roller system. Weighing with an accuracy of within half a gram is possible, even at high speeds. The system automatically corrects for the weight drift of each cup caused by swell of the machine, temperature differences or dust build-up during the day. This guarantees the most reliable data for the best results!


Ellips develops our own TrueSort™ electronics. Ellips uses specialized cameras, Led lighting and processors to get the most accurate grading results. Contact us and find out which TrueSort™ electronics fit your needs.


Want to improve the grading results of your current sorting machine? Contact us and we’ll show you the possibilities of retrofitting your machine. True Sort works on any sorting machine of any brand.

Grading solutions for fruits and vegetables

Ellips has established grading technology for these fruits and vegetables, and has received many repeat requests from customers around the world.

TrueSort™ software is fast and accurate and enables you to sort products with high speed. While yielding high productivity and accuracy, it will allow you to open new markets and get premium prices for your product. Ellips technology is designed to reduce packing costs and making your packhouse more efficient. 

Flexible Solution

Our vision system is designed to operate on virtually any manufacturer’s sorting equipment. This enables you to select the appropriate grading machine or to retrofit your existing sizer.

Please contact us for details of inspection contents of each product and actual inspection system.





Kiwi fruit


Lemon / Lime



Stone fruit


Inspection outline and actual inspection example

Inspection outline of apple internal check

Inspection window of lemon size check

Inspection window of blueberries colour check



Brussels Sprouts




Inspection outline and actual inspection example

Inspection outline of onion internal check

Inspection window of potato external check

Inspection window of tomato weight check

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