Website Opened

Found Four Website is now opened.


We Found Four
continues to contribute to the creation of a healthy and safe society
by importing from excellent suppliers around the world, what was not in the world and what we wish to have.


Semiconductor, Food Industries, Automotive, Security, Tera hertz, etc…

We offers products which will meet your needs regardless fields.


We are a distributor of

AMX Automatrix S.R.L. | Sintering System

Coctio Ltd. | Soup / Sauce Production Line

ENERGY PULSE SYSTEMS | Pulsed Electrical Field Generator

Copromec Die Casting S.R.L. | Aluminium Die Casting Lubrication System

Regula Ltd. | Document Verification System

Laboratory Imaging s.r.o. | Forensic Examination System

Das-nano SI. | Tera Hertz Contactless Measuring System

URESH AG | Pigging System

in Japan.