Who "Regula" is

Regula Ltd. was founded in 1992 by the engineers of Belarusian National Technical University. Company started with development of expert devices for authenticity control of banknotes. In a few years company began manufacturing equipment for scientific expertise of security features in passports and securities. Since a number of high-tech revolutionary products were invented in 1995, the company began to assert itself on the international market. Their unique products include mobile laboratories for examination of documents and securities, full-page desktop and mobile passport readers, a portable complex for investigation of vehicle identification numbers using the method of magneto-optical visualization, etc. Nowadays, after 20 years on the market, Regula provides more than 50 solutions for border and customs services, police and banks.



Compact Device 10XX series

Handy type Simplified document verification device

Regula compact devices are intended for express authenticity verification and advanced examination of passports, ID cards, travel documents, visa stamps and seals, including but not limited to entry permits, banknotes, driving licenses, vehicle registration certificates and other vehicle related documents, signatures and handwriting fragments, revenue and special stamps, securities and other documents with security features.

Dual-Video Spectral Comparator 4308

Document verification device Advanced model

Being the best in class for advanced document examination, Regula 4308 has been developed and produced with the use of the latest hi-tech innovations.
Its high functionality is achieved due to over 30 types of light sources, over 20 light filters, a self-developed precision optical system and 2 high-resolution cameras.The comparator allows working with large format documents. Due to side flaps and widened internal space examined objects can be conveniently placed inside.
The extended field of view and updated algorithms of image stitching make it easy to obtain the whole image of an A4 page.
A unique motorized system of oblique lighting, which allows changing the light source angle of incidence, provides a wide range of opportunities for examining microrelief of a document in the visible and infrared spectrum range.

Two-coordinate magneto-optical scanner 7701/M

Magnetic pattern inspection Document appraisal device

The magneto-optical scanner-analyzer is intended for advanced examination of documents, banknotes, securities and other documents with magnetic security features.   The scanner object stage has a perforated area for document pneumatic pressing. Document surface scanning is carried out with the help of a magnetic head which is equipped with a magnetization system.

Passport Reader 7017

Scanning Passports as images and document data

The reader is intended for automatic scanning of passports, IDs, visas, driver’s licenses and other identification documents. The document reader provides the capability of text data recognition, reading the MRZ and barcodes. Software is included device, but it is possible to modify based on your usage.

Mobile Passport Reader 7308

Portable Passport reader

A mobile compact size model with a shoulder strap. The body is made of hard plastic (IP54). Full data processing onboard with a built-in PC. The reader can be connected to an external PC or any other visualization device (tablet PC, smart phone, etc.)* via wireless network (Wi-Fi). Power supply: two rechargeable batteries (hot change is possible). No moving parts. Reliable, convenient and easy-to-use.
The device allows capturing images in white, infrared, ultraviolet and coaxial lights. It has a module for reading RFID chips. The device is supplied with software development kit (SDK) for easy integration into existing end-user systems.


The database is intended for express authenticity verification and advanced examination of banknotes, passports, ID cards, visas and other travel documents, driving licenses, vehicle registration certificates and other vehicle related documents.

IRS Passport

IRS Currency

IRS “Secure Documents Ultimate” contains images and detailed description of documents, banknotes and their security features at several protection levels.
Volume of data
200 countries
191 currencies
2480 passports, 140 visas, 885 vehicle related documents, 3 581 banknotes

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