Patented pig design
Specializing in minimizing waste, sustainable production
Swiss made pigging system

Who "URESH AG" is

Based in Biel-Benken, Switzerland, URESH AG was founded in 1992 and has established itself as a specialist in aseptic cleaning technology for the process industry.

Especially with a pigging system (patented) with sending and receiving stations and a specially developed sterile pig, customers can use an innovative method to optimize the manufacturing process and its quality while minimizing waste raw materials.

Pigging System

The food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries need functional and flexible process technologies that are fully automated and at the same time save costs, energy and processing time. Proven solutions are more sought after than ever before.

The pigging system is the answer to all these requirements. It can be installed on existing infrastructure without any problems. Sterile pigs do an efficient job, making costly rinsing as a thing of the past. Thus reproducibility, automation, small batch numbers and intermediate storage of raw materials are easily implemented.

The URESH pigging system for the cleaning of process installations saves valuable raw material by completely recovering it. The need for costly cleaning agents, which mostly causes high water consumption for rinsing and results in a large waste water volume, plus consequently high waste disposal costs, are cut to a minimum.

Improving economic efficiency in production!

Hygiene requirements and cost savings in the food processing industry are becoming more stringent. Specially developed for the hygiene, sterile food and pharmaceutical industries, the URESH pig system (patented, EHEDG certified) provides the best, flexible and unique solution for the manufacturing process of consistent liquid and paste products. Furthermore, the URESH pigging system allows complete product discharge from pipelines, minimization of cleaning and production costs, increased product and process safety, increased system availability.


Running without gaps in piping
Cost reduction by decreased raw material waste

URESH pigs have a non-porous, very smooth surface and are designed for efficient pipe cleaning. Designed to minimize raw material and cleaning product use, plus product losses. URESH Pig can collect your valuable raw materials and products that remain in the pipes that were previously discarded as valuable products.


Sending / Receiving Station

 Optimal design for URESH pigs



Single Pigging System

Double Pigging System


An example on an ointment production line of a Dutch pharmaceutical company

The challenge in filling medical ointments is to transport the ointment through a pipe without any contamination. Switching production batches requires a complex process to remove, clean, and sterilize the ointment remaining in the piping, followed by refilling the next batch. The higher the clay in the ointment, the more difficult the process. Flushing cleaning alone cannot wash away the product remaining in the pipe, which requires the removal and disposal of raw materials as special waste, which still adds to the cost of the process.

Succeeded in recovering about 90 liters of product remaining in the piping on the ointment production line

The new intelligent pig system proposed by URESH to pharmaceutical companies has significantly improved this filling and cleaning process. The double pig operates in a closed system that can also be washed with hydrogen peroxide. The URESH pig is extruded with water through a pipe with a diameter of 6.6 cm and a total length of 30 m, and the ointment remaining in the pipe is discharged from the pipe. Two parallel filling systems are connected. The pig can recover most of the 90 liter ointment remaining in the pipe as a valuable product. This is an important revenue factor when processing products of up to CHF 100,000 per 4 meters of pipe.

Succeeded in shortening product type / batch converting time

URESH’s fully automated system allows you to transform your production line into a variety of products in significantly faster time. This makes it easy to create multiple small batches. The plant near Rotterdam was planned and constructed by URESH AG and its partners. The pipe is double-walled and can be heated to provide the optimum processing temperature for the ointment. The system has been validated and has been in operation since 2016. 350 different batches have been processed.

 URESH Pigging System Type


No rinsing / CIP


Rinsing / CIP

For cleaning and sterilization

・ Disinfection (chemical)


Rinsing / CIP

EHEDG certification

For food cleaning and sterilization

・ Disinfection (chemical)

・ Purification (water 70-90 ℃)


Rinsing / CIP / SIP

EHEDG certification

For sterile pharmaceuticals

・ Disinfection (chemical)

・ Sterilization (above> 121 ℃)

 URESH Pigging System Application

・ Pharmaceutical Industry
・ Beverage Industry
・ Food Industry
・ Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
・ Home-Care Products
・ Chemical Industry
・ Paint Industry
・ Production of dispersions and glues

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