Soup and Sauce Production Line
Pursuing clear products
that do not waste any raw materials

Who "Coctio" is

Coctio believes that animal bones encompass immense value for the manufacturing of high-quality products for human consumption. Yet, extracting this value is difficult and therefore often overlooked. With its broth production experience and engineering expertise, Coctio’s mission is to enable this process and simultaneously eradicate animal bone waste.
With over 25 years of broth and sauce production experience, Coctio founder and managing director Kai Iiskola is an expert broth and sauce producer. He founded Puljonki Oy in 1991 where he developed the industrial process and equipment for producing high-quality broths and sauces that are even today used by Michelin–star restaurants.
Puljonki Oy was recently acquired by Nestlé Professional.

Coctio Method

Coctio turnkey concept - Turns bones into income


The market is craving for meals that provide clean natural taste and texture. The soup segment has been stagnating for the past few years and is ready for a fresh injection of innovation. With customers wanting more clean-label products with great taste, soup produced with honest natural stock worthy of Michelin-star restaurants can truly open a new clean-label segment for ready-to-eat soup. Coctio Soup Turnkey Solution provides you with an automated system to produce soup with traditional stock made from animal bones.
The Coctio solution is fully automated and operates in a closed system which provides high levels of consistency and hygiene, minimizing the risk of bacterial contamination from the start.

-The extracted soup can be commercialized as it is, or it can be sourced through further processing
-Pure gelatin and fat are used as raw materials for cosmetics or bioenergy
-Bone after cooking into organic fertilizer or pet food

COCTIO solutions do not waste any raw materials you use.
COCTIO is ready for proposals for customers who want a cleaner product.


Bone Broth Soup / Sauce Production Line

Pilot lines, small production lines, and standard production lines are available to meet customer needs. We propose various devices and systems that enable the cooking process to follow the chef’s traditional cooking methods.
・100% Natural end-product (natural mouthfeel flavour, structure and clarity)
・Automated closed system for gentle handling the raw materials and total control of all processes ensuring consistent high-quality of products
・Great flexibility for variations in natural bone broth-based products and clean label applications
・Modular design to fit your capacity requirement and can be easily expanded as you grow
・Capable of handling particles through sauce and soup preparation process
・Process and equipment complies with European safety and hygiene standards

Coctio Oven Module

Continuous transport roasting unit for bones and vegetables

Coctio Cocker Module

Automatically controlled cooking system based on registered recipes

In addition to the modules introduced above, COCTIO will offer consistent production line proposals.

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