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EPS researches, develops, produces and sells pulsed power modulators based on state-of-the-art, high efficient semi-conductors, assembled in very flexible and modular Marx topologies which are designed to add value to several industrial sectors such as Food, Feed, Microbiology, CleanTech, Oil & Gas, Automotive and Health.

PEF (Pulsed Electric Field)

Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) is an unheated food processing method that uses short pulses of electricity to inactivate microorganisms and minimize the harmful effects on food quality. PEF technology aims to provide consumers with high quality food. PEF technology is considered superior to traditional heat treatment methods to avoid or significantly reduce significant changes in the natural flavor and physical properties of the food.
PEF technology is advantageous, for example, it inactivates microorganisms while preserving the original color, flavor, texture and nutritional value of raw foods, compared to heat treatment.


 Business Chance

The ground-breaking Energy Pulse Systems will demonstrate the successful and real-scale introduction of Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology in the processing of plant based foods. Therefore, the use of PEF in producing fruit juice, tomato products, wine, cider and olive oil will be analysed and optimised. To these ends flexible and portable low-cost pulse generators will be designed. The results of the project will also be of interest for the food sector as a whole and for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sector.

 How to use

Short, high voltage electrical pulses are used to perforate cell membranes. Electroporation can be used to permeabilize biological membranes including to inactivate microorganisms, enhance raw material properties for subsequent processing or to modify the food structure, for example for the malaxation. PEF treatment has similar effects in foods as conventional heating, but is gentler to the food matrix without a lasting thermal load. It can complement or replace existing traditional food processing technologies.


Pulsed electric field technology will make food processing companies more competitive in the national and international food market and will provide opportunities for growth, diversification and job creation. PEF improves food quality and food safety, optimizes process efficiency, reduces energy costs and stimulates the introduction of new products. This makes the technology especially fit for small and medium sized food processing companies in the market. It will help the companies to fulfil the demand of consumers for fresh, nutritional quality foods and novel foods which contribute to health and wellbeing.

 Longer Shelf Life

Electroporation kills microbes by perforating their cell membranes. Thus food safety can be achieved, while the food quality and nutritional value are retained. The PEF treatment keeps vitamins, antioxidants and pigments intact and increases shelf life. Increased shelf life impacts favourably on supply-chain logistics from factory to retailer. It provides opportunities for export and wastage reduction.

 Food Quality

PEF treatment can also be used to modify the structure of food by breaking down the cell membrane barriers in plant or animal tissue. It leads to tissue softening, easier and lower energy cutting and increased process speed and capacity. This results in more efficient product handling and manufacturing, a higher quality product and exciting new product development.



The EPULSUS® is a registered trademark, from EnergyPulse Systems, Lda, of high performance pulse generators, based on semiconductor transformerless Marx generator topologies, proposed for industrial applications where the efficient use of energy, in the shape of precise repetitive energy pulses, is the optimal way to accomplish the best results.


 Pulse generator for variable applications and requirements



 Pulse generator for laboratory and pilot lines



 Large capacity pulse generator



 High-speed specialized pulse generator for special applications


Treatment Chamber

Pulse electric field processing chamber for laboratory and industrial continuous processing. We offer sizes from DN10 to DN100. Designed specifically for extraction and inert treatment of liquids and foodstuffs with PEF. It has a high voltage interlock and can be used in plug and play.

 Batch processing chamber

 DIN10 Continuous processing chamber

 DIN100 Continuous processing chamber

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