For everyone who uses deep fryers in the food service industry,

As target:

✓ By maintaining the oil in the deep fryer, the oil is kept in good condition for a long time, and the used oil lasts twice as long.

✓ Improvement of oil change cycle and reduction of waste oil

✓ Keeps the crispy texture of fried food for a long time

OiLChef proposes a frying oil deterioration prevention device that is very easy to maintain and uses eco-friendly technology that does not use any electricity or chemicals.

Who "OiLChef" is

OiLChef is a worldwide award-winning brand of deep fryer accessories. OiLChef provides innovative technologies in the food service industry to help customers eat tastier and healthier foods with the goal of reducing environmental impact, food waste and raw material costs.

Winning the Best Eco Friendly Frying Technology Award in 2019 & 2020

Since 2013, OiL Chef has been awarded as the world’s most eco-friendly brand for being the best kitchen innovation and the most eco-friendly frying solution in the fried food industry in North America and Europe.

OiLChef is the brand of choice for professionals who are conscientious about our environment and their customers. Using OiLChef inside the oil well of your deep fryer reduces your frying oil consumption, because you can now increase your food output from the same quantity of oil without compromising food quality. In fact, 100% of our clients not only save on oil and energy purchases but they all state that they have improved their fried food quality and cook times.

FDA Certified Safe Technology (patented)

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has confirmed that ceramic beads, which are the core of OiLChef’s technology, are food safe and insoluble in frying oil.

The forced catalytic effect of OiLChef technology slows the oxidation of the oil and improves the thermal efficiency of the oil. It also reduces the oil absorption of foods.

OiLChef devices take less than 5 seconds to install and have an average lifespan of over 3 years, making them a sophisticated accessory for commercial deep fryers. The virtually maintenance-free OiL Chef device is extremely user-friendly.

OiLChef Technology

At the heart of the OiLChef technology is the powerful inorganic food safe trade secret formulation of rare and precious metals which are fused onto a ceramic bead. Originally the technology was designed and intended to improve the oil life efficiency in the engines of motor vehicles and other mechanical engines.

The OiLChef technology greatly slowed down the oxidization process in the oil before, during and after oil was heated and used for deep frying food. This was an important discovery, because the OiLChef slowed down the rate of oxidation in cold oil which has a significant impact for cold oil storage. It also stopped the polymerisation process happening in oil, (a process whereby oil molecules clump together in deep frying oil as result of oxidation, heat, moisture and other reactions and combinations), this is very significant because by OiLChef acting at a molecular level and keeping the oil molecules from bonding together you end up with the oil reaming in a thinner / finer form for a longer time which has at least 6 major positive impacts for the user:

Increased thermal conductivity

Greater heat transfer giving ability to reduce frying temperatures and frying times without compromising food quality

Removes flavor transfer in oil

Ability to fry different foods in the same deep fryer, the same oil and reduce the flavor transfer/flavor contamination onto and between those foods by 99.9%

Reduce Oil Pick Up/Saturation

Fried food absorbs the oil/fat/grease that it is being cooked in and different foods have different oil pick up or oil absorption/saturation rates, using OiLChef in the cooking medium significantly reduced the volume of pick up by at least 13% and in some case by up to 64% without negatively affecting the food flavor profile. Finally, a deep frying solution that reduces overall calorific content of deep fried food.

Increased food texture

Food fried in the oil that is being conditioned by the OiLChef technology is crispier as a result of a number of different factors such as higher heat penetration onto the surface of the food which creates a crispier and more robust surface crust on the food thus reducing the ability of the food to soak up or absorb oil. This increase in the crispy texture of the food, combined with OiL Chef absorbing oxygen at a molecular level from the food – increases the texture shelf life of the food, which is great for food deliveries.

Consistent color profile

As frying oil starts to break-in, breakdown and start to discolor, fried food tends to start to mirror the color of the oil and as the oil gets darker – so too does the food you are cooking. With OiLChef in the deep fryer, as the oil becomes darker, the food retains the fresh, clean color profile you achieve in the first few frying cycles.

Increased hold-times/shelf life

Deep fried food maintains its crispy texture for longer periods of time when OiLChef is in the Oil. This can vary but for French fries this increased hold time can be increased by as much as an additional 25 minutes to chicken increasing its increased texture by as much as an additional 90 minutes. During the frying process, the forcible catalytic effect of the OiLChef technology absorbs molecular oxygen which is normally generated onto the food surface, this reduction in oxygen content on the surface of the food yields an increase in food hold times in hot cases, delivery packaging and also in cold or frozen storage of the fried or blanched food.

Business Effect



OiLChef is expected to reduce overall costs in deep fryer operation, such as reducing oil purchase costs, reducing waste oil and food, reducing labor associated with oil changes, and reducing energy associated with shorter cooking times.


Using OiLChef inside your deep fryer will improve the quality of your fried food. Your fried food will be less oily, more natural in color, have a crispier texture and will increase its hold time, which is very important for home delivery.


By adding the OiLChef Program to your deep frying operation, we shall show you how your social responsibility goals can be achieved through your reduction in carbon footprint, in areas such as reduction in energy consumption from lower frying temperatures to shorter cook cycles and more efficient heat recovery times to reduction in plastic oil drums, cardboard boxes and less road haulage and less oil changes.


We shall show you how OiLChef retains the crispy texture for longer and we shall show you how your food tastes better because the customers experience feedback will be that they taste more of the food they are buying and less of the oil it is being cooked in. All these factors will help you to increase your food sales.

Difference in fried food with / without OiLChef (same deep fryer, same oil used)

Upper part in the photo: OiLChef used

Lower part in the photo: OiLChef unused


100% North American made,



We provide our customers with 100% reliability, safety and performance.

Maintenance Free

OiLChef is neither a filter nor a chemical.

It has no breakable parts, it is virtually maintenance free

Requires no wires, no power and is a simple 5 second self-installation system.


OiLChef device needs to be cleaned once a week (usually when you replace oil)

NOTE: DO NOT use soap or chemical detergent for cleaning.

It is highly important the device kept immersed in the oil all the time, 24x7.

There are billions of pores over the nanoceramic catalytic pellets. If the device has once been exposed to the oil in the deep fryer, it should not thereafter be allowed to dry up completely. It’s because the oily remnants may end up in some of the pores and block them from being fully functional. Therefore, the OiLChef device should be kept immersed in the oil all the time except when cleaning it.


OiLChef can be used in any edible oil/shortening and solid beef/duck and other animal fats which are used for the purpose of deep frying.




OiL Chef has been introduced at three franchise stores in Ontario, and all stores have evaluated the following effects.


(Canada )

OiLChef was introduced in 2015 at a store in Niagara Falls, and the following effects have been evaluated.

We have confirmed the effects of using OiLChef at many restaurants and food stores, mainly in Canada, the United States, and European countries.

OiLChef System

The OiLChef device is a simple plug and play solution.

Two types are available: the standard edition for general size deep fryer and the high capacity edition for oil content of 20 kg or more.

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