Who "Copromec Die Casting" is

Copromec Die Casting manufactures all basic components for injection systems in the high pressure die casting market.
Our products include patented plunger tips, lubrication rods, and shot sleeves (such as replaceable inserts, whether or not temperature-controlled), as well as patented lubrication systems and lubricants. With high quality engineering, deep know-how and decades of experience in the die casting department, we provide our customers with solid performance, long service life of each system component, and better quality of cast parts.
Our products meet the vision of responding to ever-changing market needs as a result of our ongoing efforts. Copromec Die Casting is recognized as one of the premier members of the automotive industry due to its product reliability and customer focus.

Plunger Unit & Plunger Tip

A patented lubrication system is recommended for the production of structural parts.
The advantages of this system is increased vacuum levels and extended tool life.
Performance increases uptime, increases process stability, ensures casting quality, and reduces lubricant chip consumption.
Since the plunger tip is made of specially developed special steel, it is efficient during the die-casting process and can withstand high temperatures and harsh working conditions (600 ° C aluminum to 30 ° C water). Products with one or two copper rings manufactured in special processing steps are available.
Plunger Unit
Plunger Tip

Rod built-in lubrication system

System benefits:
・ Uniform lubrication of the entire shot sleeve is possible.
・ The possibility to determine the timing of many lubrications (at any time during the injection phase).
 Copromec recommends at the end of the second phase
・ Lubricant is concentrated on important parts (near plunger head)
・ Lubrication circuit fully integrated in rod, no risk of pipe damage
・ The amount of lubricant for each shot can be reduced
・ Practical and easy to use system

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