Exhibition at FOOMA JAPAN 2021

We will exhibit at FOOMA JAPAN 2021.


We would like to introduce to you overseas equipment that targets the reduction of waste and the extension of shelf life.



An automatic production line for soups and sauces that looks like handmade by a first-class chef.

We also have a process to commercialize the residue of raw materials that was previously discarded, and we propose reduction of waste.



A pulse generator for PEF (pulsed electric field) processing, which is attracting attention as an innovative technology for food manufacturing.

We propose to improve the processing time and operating cost of manufacturing processes such as color extraction, drying, peeling, and cutting by the component extraction effect of the pulsed electric field.

In addition, non-heat sterilization using a pulsed electric field is also expected.



A pig system used for cleaning the inside of pipes.

Designed with the goal of maximizing the recovery of valuable products left in the piping, URESH pigs help reduce waste products when switching product types.



It is a deep frying oil deterioration prevention machine for fryer using chemical technology that does not require any electricity or chemicals.

By simply setting the unit filled with porous beads in the frying oil, the oil absorption rate of the frying food is reduced, the crispy texture of the frying food is maintained for a long time, and the replacement cycle of the frying oil used is also improved over twice.

In addition, the thermal conductivity can be improved, so the cooking time can be improved.

It contributes to the reduction of operating costs by reducing the amount of frying oil discarded while maintaining the deliciousness of fried foods for a long time.


This is a vegetable / fruit sorting system that uses our unique camera inspection technology.

It is a high-performance, high-precision inspection system that can perform not only visual inspection, dimension / mass inspection, but also internal inspection of products.

We can also propose the retrofit to existing sorting machines.



We look forward to your visit!