OiLChef Product Introduction

We have become a distributor of OiLChef and started working for OiLChef  products in Japan.


For everyone who uses deep fryers in the food service industry,
As target:
– By maintaining the oil in the deep fryer, the oil is kept in good condition for a long time, and the used oil lasts twice as long.
– Improvement of oil change cycle and reduction of waste oil
– Keeps the crispy texture of fried food for a long time
OiLChef proposes a frying oil deterioration prevention device that is very easy to maintain and uses eco-friendly technology that does not use any electricity or chemicals.



By maintaining the oil, the oil absorption rate of the food itself is also reduced, which improves the oiliness of the food.

It is also an eco-friendly and healthy solution for food consumers.


Upper part in the photo:Deep fried chicken with OiLChef

Lower part in the photo: Deep fried chicken without OiLChef

※Same deep fryer and same oil are used.

Please see the OiLChef page for details.